13 cats failing at hide and seek

As good as cats think they are at hiding from us, we know better.


A 10-year-old pet goldfish named George prepares to go under the knife to remove a life-threatening tumour at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

The 45-minute long procedure was performed by vet Tristan Rich who described the operation as ‘fiddly’. The fish was sedated by water laced with anaesthetic and once the tumour was removed the wound was sealed with tissue glue followed by antibiotics and painkillers.

Picture: REUTERS/Lort Smith Animal Hospital (via Pictures of the day: 16 September 2014 - Telegraph)


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also Megatron would be the last person to use such cosmetic, ineffective RPG-esque “armor”


Glencoe, Scotland (by Alexis Coram)


Glencoe, Scotland (by Alexis Coram)

Afternoon Over Western Watchtower
Whiterun HoldSkyrim

Afternoon Over Western Watchtower

Whiterun Hold


Attack on Cats:) Love Attack on Titan :)


Attack on Cats:) Love Attack on Titan :)


Yeah, this. TFP as a whole needed tons more backstory. The characters, the whole situation. Starscream’s past and motivations, Soundwave’s ditto, Breakdown’s rivalry with Bulkhead…

The feeling I got was that as soon as someone had come up with an interesting plotline that should be explored further, the producers got cold feet, dropped the thing like a hot potato and went for treasure hunts instead. TFP shall be forever known as the show with tons of potential, none of which was realised.

About poor Starscream, I think his first beating came right out of the blue (at least it would have seemed that way to him), catching him completely unawares. Maybe he’d just say something he perceived as harmless, and bam. Megs is so sly yet so explosive, all at once, I think he spent some time giving Starscream the evil eye with Screamer none the wiser, before deciding that the time had come to put him in his place. Preferably with an audience, and he’d make it look like Starscream had brought it on himself, that it was all his fault. As Megatron tends to do. Screamer might not have believed everything was sunshine in that working relationship, but he probably had no idea he’d suddenly get the thrashing of his life. Or maybe it was just one strike at first, and the violence slowly escalated over time.

Starscream might have felt utterly lost back then, just powerfully confused, and as his fear of Megatron increased, he’d try to change his own behaviour in hopes of placating him. I don’t think he’d have turned to others for help, his pride wouldn’t let him. Like with Knock Out, he’d go “It just fell off”, rather than admit the truth. Maybe he’d consider it shameful.

Probably Megs’d want to turn people against Starscream, too, starting a slow but persistent campaign of undermining his authority with any Vosnians still under his command, of making him look weak and ridiculous to them, subtly transferring their loyalty to himself. Isolating Starscream from any support system he might have had with his peers. Megs may be terrible at strategy, and his brushes with common sense are occasional at best, but he plays people like fiddles.

After enough time of unpredictable beatings, Starscream would have been practically trained to make himself look silly on purpose, because he’d think that was what Megatron wanted. Anything to escape more punishment. Just look at him in Patch; the more terrified and confused he is, the more clownish he gets, the more exaggerated his expressions and movements. It’s funny in screencaps, but man it hurts to look at in context.

If I were better at writing prose and dialogue (and at focussing on anything for longer than fifteen minutes), I’d probably come up with a thirty-chapter epic tragedy in which Starscream loses everything he ever held dear, including his pride and sanity, and finally his life. And then I’d hate myself, heh. But the hints I’ve got from the show all seem to point to this being what actually happened.

Wow, this turned out depressing. And long, jeez. It’s been a year since Predacons Rising, but I’m still bitter, go me. I hope I didn’t make you sad now, too, that was not my intention. Once I get started on Screamer, I tend to go on.

Never ever apologize for sad Starscream discussions (AKA all Starscream discussions). They are my lifeblood c:

I agree; I always had the idea that the first beating was so sudden, just an ugly heartshock. I don’t really know what kind of relationship Starscream had with Megatron before that. Like, I feel that it’s easy to think that he always wanted to overthrow him, but I often wonder if maybe he’d had more of a willing, eager partnership in him. When he thought it was an actual partnership, and not Megatron just beating him into submission.

I think it’s so hard to properly figure what Starscream’s relationships were like simply because he’s so messed up by the time we get to him. Is he capable of participating in a mutually trusting, equal relationship? Who knows? I don’t think we’ve ever seen him even offered one.

Just watching him degenerate throughout the series, from the confident, deadly, frightening bastard we see in first season, sans Megatron, all the way to the nervous wreck he is by the end of third season. Man, I remember people complaining about how the writers had made him such a joke. Like they couldn’t figure out that the reason he was acting such a dork was due to anxiety and desperate submission.

From dorky to gorgeous in 1.2 seconds.

Only Starscream.



i’ve never met optimus prime but i trust him

i’ve never met Starscream, but i don’t trust him


I think… I would trust Starscream more. To be a dangerous ass.

But that’s predictable, at least. Rather than Optimus’ “everyone deserves a chance/mercy/kindness” that seems to only apply when he feels like applying it.
I prefer someone I know to be dangerous to someone I know to be unpredictable.


"This Quartz is mined in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, one of the most sacred areas on Earth. The mines are not easily accessible by machinery, so most Tibetan Quartz is mined by hand, sometimes by monks themselves, and carried out in sacks."


"This Quartz is mined in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, one of the most sacred areas on Earth. The mines are not easily accessible by machinery, so most Tibetan Quartz is mined by hand, sometimes by monks themselves, and carried out in sacks."