bleutinne replied to your post: everything makes you ‘wibble’ on the inside because you’re a pussy ass bitch

I must respond in kind. “d0n’t yew know SYL’S A GANSTA!!!@@11$%^~!? shayme on yewwww i’m righteousylyyy angreh nAO!!”

…it is actually sort of embarrassing how long it took me to read that.

I suck at reading “internet-speak.”

Ah well; I don’t think I’m missing out on much.

bleutinne replied to your post: bleutinne replied to your post: I’m from Long…

Anything from East Europe until Albania is the designated shit-zone. Europeans never change. We just get crankier with time. XD Oh GAWD you’d wear ribbons in your hair?? I’d pay for a picture of tineh!Sylvia with ribbons in her hair :’D

I wasn’t tiny.

…I was in high school.

bleutinne replied to your post: I’m from Long Island, though. That’s totally…

Guys, I’m not in your toyformer circle, but I’m from the shit-zone in Europe. Greece. WHO CAN BEAT THAT? XD

My parents are from Poland; isn’t that supposed to be worse?

Or did that used to be worse?

I don’t even remember anymore.

I did wear the cutest ribbons in my hair when I was young and taught all the Polish folk dances, though. Never again.

bleutinne replied to your post: Here. Here’s the difference between the Autobots…

That part disturbed me. :/ and then the part where they transform and try to get away and they just… they literally just drop dead because of the extractor’s pulse— it’s really horrible. I don’t know why they’re treated like shit. It’s unsettling.

I know.

That part, when they’re trying so hard to just run.

Only to have their freaking actual souls sucked from their bodies. And they drop with this hollow, lifeless clunk.

And it’s so creepy, because they haven’t been hit or wounded or anything. The life was literally just pulled out of them.

By some kid who ended it all with a stupid one-liner.


oerbayun asked: "that wonderful anon of yours inspired a four-page, disorganized essay. i feel much better now, actually. XD"

Oh god I awoke Vengeful Anas someone please send help

Tumblr Crushes:
I need to get RPers out of this thing.
I don’t RP, for pity’s sake.
How does this keep happening?

Tumblr Crushes:

I need to get RPers out of this thing.

I don’t RP, for pity’s sake.

How does this keep happening?

bleutinne replied to your post: bleutinne replied to your post: Whenever people…

wouldn’t be able to live without juice(s). it’s my elixir. XD



/she says as she laps tea from her mug

bleutinne replied to your post: Whenever people tell me they don’t drink tea, I…

i get hot chocolate. or maybe some juice. or good old water. or chocolate. it’s the opposite for me. i can’t understand how people get by drinking tea DAILY. the thought is a nightmare. it would be like having a cold or the flu every day for me ;__;

Really? That… I’ve never heard that before.

Myself, I don’t like hot chocolate or juice. 

Chocolate and fruit are things that are meant to be chewed, in my mind, and drinking them feels very weird.

oerbayun asked: "1. Discord, of course 2. Rachni Queen 3. Starscream. 4. your Shepard aaaand 5. would have to be... Miranda Lawson. how did this end up being taken over by Mass Effect? X'D"

Shepard and Lawson = too flattering ._.

Discord and Star are givens :D

…I am mildly concerned that two people associate me with the Rachni Queen XD

oerbayun asked: "happy birthday, my sister's Polish soul-sister :D <3 (i passed out last night before i could send a message X'D)"